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Welcome to Dukky Repair and Recovery!

We are a local electronics repair store based in Santa Barbara, California. Established in 2017 when we saw a need for a better repair option for the customers coming to us. We live in a throw-away society and dispose of thousands of devices daily because one small part has failed. We want to end this, believing strongly in the right to repair, and repair over replacement. This leads to lower costs to you and less impact on our environment.

We cover everything from Board Level Repair to Data Recovery. We service both Mac and PC Computers, and use manufacturer schematics to Diagnose and repair issues. We are not afraid to tackle any piece of hardware, if you have a piece of equipment that you are interested in having repaired. Simply ask, the worst we can say is no. 

Don't waste your time at other repair shops, we end up fixing many computers that other local stores either could not repair or quoted an unreasonable price. We are the only shop in town that specializes in liquid damage repair and offers board level repair. We are constantly researching and developing new methods do handle the repairs others can't. If you don't see a service offered on our website, give us a call!



Services Offered



Battery Diagnosis & Replacement

Broken Screen Repair

HardDrive Diagnosis & replacements


Tune Ups

Full Computer Diagnosis


Virus and Malware Removal


Liquid Damage Repair

Logic Board Repair




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We are currently located inside of iGeeks iPhone Repair. Either Stop by or Call Today!

16 West Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara, CA, 93105



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