Apple Board Diagnosis and Repair



We can fix most board related issues, including but not limited to: Liquid Damage, No Power, No Back Light, Broken Connectors and More!


We offer component level mother board repair and we end up fixing many computers that other local stores either could not repair or quoted an unreasonable price. We are the only shop in town that offers this level of repair, and are constantly researching and developing new methods to handle the repairs others can't. 

All Board Level repairs need full machine except Hard Drive for testing.

All costs include: Sourcing Schematic, Board Level Diagnostics, Labor and Components.


Tier 1 - $250

Common Issues: 

No Magsafe power or light (OneWire Circuit)

No LCD Backlight

Minor Liquid Damage

No Keyboard Backlight

Won't charge battery

Minor Damaged Components and Connectors

Can take 2-7 Business days depending on parts and severity

Tier 2 - $350

Uncommon Issues:

No Video (Display or external)

No Keyboard or Track Pad Input

Bad I/Os

Liquid Damage

Damaged LVDS Connectors

Damaged trace repair

Can take 5-7 Business days depending on parts and severity.

Diagnosis fee is $50, this will go towards repair. If repair is declined a $50 Fee will still remain.

Tier will be decided by technician after diagnosis

We also repair Pc Computers! Give us a call or use the form above to see what else we can do!

We offer discounted wholesale pricing to Local Technicians and Repair Shops. If you are interested in starting a wholesale account with us. Please contacts us above.

iOS Devices are coming soon!